Monday, May 5, 2008

~Old CP Work~

Out of all of my colored pencil work, this is probably the only picture that I adore the most. It was not only my first CP portrait, but is of my Grandmother that I never had a chance to meet. She suffered from a massive stroke a few years before my parents had met. This picture was done from her high school graduation picture.

This picture will never leave my home. After I joined the CPSA chapter #104 Detroit, I found out that another member had found and used the same reference image from Wetcanvas. While, I have no problems with that, I just wish I had known before I had entered this picture into my first art show. So it has it's place, framed and mounted on my wall.

Of course, this one is on my sale's blog page. It recently sold at the art gallery, where I had 2 pictures chosen by a judge to be allowed to exhibit.

This picture was done using colored pencils and black ink. It was basically an experimental picture that I have not gotten around to redoing, but I definately will one day when I get the chance, especially with all I have learned since attempting this piece.

I did this picture back last summer in "2007". It was and still is one of my favorite pictures. I love anything to do with dolphins.

This was basically just a practice run, when I first started using colored pencils on a regular basis. It was also made from a reference that was issued as a drawing challenge on my favorite site on the web,

This is one of my newer picture's complete this year. I recently tried to enter it into the art show I was in, but the judge reviewing the pictures rejected it and said that compaired to my other two pieces submitted the quality of this one was no where as good. (How is one suppost to take that? Anyone know?)

I thought this Black Calla Lily was so pretty and loved the colors that were from a reference photo. The photo was submitted by a member from in a Drawing Challenge that last for one month. I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

This little guy was drawn from a reference that my neice Chrissy took. Boy, I sure wish I had her "good eye" for taking photo's. This was also my first "completed" animal colored pencil picture. I had played arounf with different area's of an animals anatomy, but not all at once.